Project FBG Day 3

Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 3

I’m Continuing with the Game Studio Video Tutorials and I changed the Logo and background, I would like feedback if you like it or think something should be changed.

I still don’t know what kind of game i’m going to make, i’m sure i’ll decide quite soon once I finish these Video Tutorials and get a hang of Flash Punk’s Engine.

The main topics of the tutorials were

  • Tilesets and Grids
  • Collision in Grids
  • XML
  • OGMO Editor
  • Handling Collision
The tilesets were a breeze and cool to learn and the grids were easy as pie BUT XML is a big pain, tring to get this OGMO editor to work from this video has been a terror! I still havn’t got the XML exporting to work, doing it as I type well not as I type but you know 😛
I’m going to go onto handling collision and watch the video but not act upon it until I go on the forums and get this problem fixed.

For Flash Punk’s Tutorial goto



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