Project FBG Day 7

Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 7

I’m going to be putting all my swf’s in a dropbox YAY!

Found a way to make 8-bit music using this

It’s really simple find a .mid and drop it in then click the Authoring button, all done.

Now more news!

I made a new page for all the info and pics and the swf file of  ‘Baldie – A Platformer’  i’ll still post progress normally this is just for more like a hub for the game where I can direct traffic and they can see a synopsis of sorts with screenies, version number, description, and more.

I finished all the Game Studio Video Tutorials the last few were on platformers and gravity, which is shown in my alpha of Baldie. ^_^




Yes it’s pixel art and yes it’s made up of thousands of them.


For Flash Punk’s Tutorial goto



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