Project FBG Day 9

Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 9

I took out my Wacom Tablet and had a go at drawing on that instead of the mouse.

This is what I got in Gimp.

Wacom in Photoshop

compared with a mouse in Gimp.


I started with the hair just scribbling then thought it kinda looked like a anime style hairdo and continued with a head, dress arms and legs. This took me not even 5 mins. I’m trying to work out what program, hardware to use and my style to draw.

I was thinking use a mouse for 8-bity graphic games like Baldie, and Wacom for draw style games. But still have to decide on software, i’ll do this tutorial which says to use photoshop, and upload a compare image here.

 It’s a LOLBOMB!

I don’t know how long this may take hopefully very soon 😉 So to help me choose can you vote?

Todo List to Finish Baldie

  • Learn Sprites from Tutorials
  • Draw Background
  • Think of Combat Actions
  • Draw Enemies
  • Code Enemies
  • Camera
  • Music / Sounds
  • Code Newgrounds API
  • Publish
  • Spread the Word
  • Updates?
I’m still learning sprites at


If you have any comments or feedback please comment and follow!

For Flash Punk’s Tutorial goto



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