Project FBG Day 16

Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.

Day 16

Been away a looong  time! So long that my game engine has had a complete redesign! I started to use Noel B’s Advanced Platform Engine as it had most of the things I needed/wanted to change in it! I have changed almost everything from the last game, I kept the music and some sprites, most were crap anyway so they got changed! I’ve made it so it play’s like N “the ninja game”. I now have to re-add gravity toggle should be easy but i’m keeping out the anti-gravity for now and might not re-add it. Loving the new engine though I’ve got alot of work it seems trivial now lol, yes i’ll put up a playable version of what i’ve done!

Play it here

Todo List to Finish Baldie

  • Learn Sprites from Tutorials – Low
  • Level Creator – High!
  • Draw Background – Medium
  • Think of Combat Actions – Low
  • Draw Enemies – High
  • Code Enemies – Medium
  • Code Newgrounds API – High
  • Publish – Easy! ^
  • Spread the Word – High
  • Updates? – YES!!!

If you have any comments or feedback please comment and follow!

For Flash Punk’s Tutorial goto



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