Project FBG Day 26

Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.


Day 26


Still needing names!

Now onto business! Today I have worked extensively on making saving work and keeping it persistent. What this means is keeping Save Games…which sounds simple but to a programmer with a game with alot of assets it is hell. So anyway I got it working and quite well too! Got a GUI that I have to tweak but its stable…

Decided to make a video instead today, peoples asked for it so here it is!

Now onto the Roadmap!

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Draw Sketches of ideas
  • Brainstorm More!
  • Logo/Name/etc
  • Start on Character Design
  • Backend Systems
  • Assets
  • Game Design
  • More Assets!
  • Other Additional Systems
  • Facebook API
  • Alpha
  • Fixes
  • Feedback
  • Closed Beta
  • Fixes
  • Open Beta
  • Feedback and Fixes
  • Tidy Up
  • Public Release!!!
It’s going to be a Year-Long Project to get to Alpha.

If you have any comments or feedback please comment and follow!


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