Parkania Day 32

Welcome to Parkania Development Diary.

Day 32

Money Money Money!

It’s been a while! I got a little bit done today, I started on the money so when a building gets placed down they automatically start adding profits now, also was playing with the placement but still havn’t got it the way I want. I want it to left click to place right click to clear selection.

Still have to fix the time being so dark, another day perhaps. Next will probably be adding more money things in and making top or bottom hud bars. Going to switch soon from Unity GUI. Also moved Save/Load to the middle of the screen.


Now onto the Roadmap!

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Draw Sketches of ideas
  • Brainstorm More!
  • Logo/Name/etc
  • Start on Character Design
  • Backend Systems
  • Assets
  • Game Design
  • More Assets!
  • Other Additional Systems
  • Facebook API
  • Alpha
  • Fixes
  • Feedback
  • Closed Beta
  • Fixes
  • Open Beta
  • Feedback and Fixes
  • Tidy Up
  • Public Release!!!
It’s going to be a Year-Long Project to get to Alpha.

If you have any comments or feedback please comment and follow!

Donations Accepted



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