Parkania Day 34

Welcome to Parkania Development Diary.

Day 34

Fixes and Asset Kit!

Spent ages fixing my camera, completely redesigned it to work, now WASD, edge scrolling and shift rotate. Had problems with the player, not rotating with the camera but fixed now. Made a kit and it should be on the asset store soon.

In the kit is everything you need to get started in a RTS / Tower Defence Game with my camera kit, completely customisable and easy to change code. Not much else done lol.

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Parkania Day 33

Welcome to Parkania Development Diary.

Day 33

Edge Scrolling!

I have added edge scrolling for those who love that whole mouse camera complete package system, and a fast forward button for speeding up time (just a tester button for later), and I also added some backend stuff fixs.

Not really much more to say bit of a quick update…

Oh and I have taken down the old demo and have a downloadable one at


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Parkania Day 32

Welcome to Parkania Development Diary.

Day 32

Money Money Money!

It’s been a while! I got a little bit done today, I started on the money so when a building gets placed down they automatically start adding profits now, also was playing with the placement but still havn’t got it the way I want. I want it to left click to place right click to clear selection.

Still have to fix the time being so dark, another day perhaps. Next will probably be adding more money things in and making top or bottom hud bars. Going to switch soon from Unity GUI. Also moved Save/Load to the middle of the screen.


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Parkania Day 31

Welcome to Parkania Development Diary.

Day 31

Time Script!

So I went away for the weekend but in the meantime I got the Time/Date GUI working which took quite a while to work out, mainly the string arrays and how to make it count up. But in the end I got it done. It has made me realise that the game making experience is a learning curve, that may never end. And I’m loving every bit of it. Time scripts are not alot of fun to make it was a massive headache that has been annoying me for  while and I thought that I had to get it done now or never.


I also got Ghosting to work on the buildings, which was also a bit of trouble…but it’s working nicely now and grid is working to an extent just not as griddy as I would like, I also have to fix how the time is so dark. The ghosting is permanent too, I have to make a camera button or deselect button, i’ll use the end un-used one for now. Oh and lastly all the new menu graphics have been added too!


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Parkania Day 30

Welcome to Parkania Development Diary.

Day 30

Name Decided!

Big News!!! Project FBG   is now Parkania!!!

The name has been decided woop woop! Big Thank You to Thunderent from the Unity Forums for the name.

Now progress is still slow, as i’m still modeling in maya with the tutorials and even that is slow going. But I will persist! I’ve taken a piccy for your viewing pleasure, I’ve added flaps and the engine back, by the end of tonight I should have the engine pipes, front turbine and maybe the front wind cutter thingo.

I might do a bit-o-coding tonight too, try and add time/date GUI, fix save and something else that’s a secret.

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Project FBG Day 29

Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.


Day 29

Maya Tutorials!

Still needing names!

I started modeling! The tutorials have started in the modeling stage and I’m a bit in not much more to say today, fixed some code that was buggy though.

In the tutorial its a Airship, but I will change it into a ride.

Here’s mine.

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Project FBG Day 28

Welcome to Project FBG Development Diary.


Day 28

Maya Tutorials!

Still needing names!

I began using Digital Tutors Maya beginner tutorials as 3DS Max is good for Building-type Static 3D but Maya is attuned to 3D Models like characters and animations.  So i’m going to need both but starting with Maya. So after watching 9 episodes of the Introductory Series I started on making the camera zoom which for a long time has been on my to-do list, I finally gave up on trying to patch my orbit camera code with the third person camera code and wrote my own, from scratch. It was along the lines of

GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel")


do zoom


if(to far in or out)


Which seems simple but its not.

Then got saving of the other objects to work then it bugged out and stopped again, now it works once and saves half then doesn’t work…   IDK 😦


Also made a Sub-Reddit, it’s in the menu.

Now a new demo has been uploaded and a piccy below.

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